Why Contour ADT?
Contour ADT is the latest in freeform design, fitting and manufacturing technology. Progressive no line bifocal lenses that deliver consumers better vision, without a complicated sales pitch and expensive fitting tools. In just 3 minutes, the “Adaptive Design Assistant” makes selecting the best progressive design simple for each and every person. A few lifestyle and usage questions, with the guidance of your eye care professional, is all it takes to create better vision.
Patient’s will appreciate: Contour Progressive Lens
Contour Progressive Lens Personalized, No line Bifocal in 3 minutes
Contour Progressive Lens Consumer friendly, personal, no sales pitch
Contour Progressive Lens Your lifestyle determines the best vision for you
Contour Progressive Lens  The latest in digital technology
Retailers and Eye Care Professionals: Contour Progressive Lens
Contour Progressive Lens  Simple, no complicated training systems
Contour Progressive Lens Complement dispenser’s expert recommendation
Contour Progressive Lens Fit first time progressive wearers with confidence
Contour Progressive Lens No expensive camera’s, laser fitting systems
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 The Contour ADT® by Innovations® delivers a unique solution to fitting and dispensing progressive no line bifocal lenses. Utilizing the latest in free form manufacturing technology, the Contour ADT delivers each consumers the best progressive lens available, guided by their expert eye care professional and our Adaptive Design Assistant. | (Internal email)
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