1) Is CONTOUR ADT™ a “Free Form” progressive design?
2) Why is the CONTOUR ADT™ fitting process so simple and quick compared to other progressives?
3) What is ADT™, Adaptive Design Technology?
4) How does CONTOUR ADT™ replace so many progressive designs?
5) How is the CONTOUR ADT™ personalized?
6) Why is CONTOUR ADT™ less expensive than "High End, Branded" Free Form progressives?
7) Is CONTOUR ADT™ available in all materials?
8) Can I order specific center or edge thickness?
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Ocuco® is a trusted, worldwide leader in innovative optical software technology. The Contour ADT® by Innovations® delivers a unique solution to fitting and dispensing progressive no line bifocal lenses. Utilizing the latest in free form manufacturing technology, the Contour ADT delivers each consumers the best progressive lens available, guided by their expert eye care professional and our Adaptive Design Assistant. | (Internal email)
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